Photo by Flinder Zuyderhoff-Gray

About Laisse-Moi

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Laisse-Moi has tales of Berliner nightlife, tragic glamorous heroines, women having sex with machines, and failed loves. Dancing to fight melancholy: that’s the motto of this three-women band inspired by German no wave and French 80’s pop music.

Manon (lead vocals, drum machine), Marie (synth) and Christina (bass) first started out playing together in May 2014. Their songs are meandering between dark disco tracks and solemn heart-wrenching ballads, keeping their audience on their dancing feet all night. Their EP „Blue Spot“ has been recorded at Blackstone Studios and is released on Solaris Empire, both located in Berlin. The band is working between Berlin and Paris, highly influenced by both cities‘ music history of the last 3 decades.


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You can meet Laisse-Moi in Berlin or Paris, most of the time.

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