Live shows

27 octobre 2019, Festival OBERNOIR, L’International, Paris

13 juillet 2019, Le Zorba, Belleville, Paris / Le Zorba, Paris, July 13th 2019

7 septembre 2019, Soma, Pristina, Kosovo / Soma, Pristina, Kosovo, September 7th 2019

May 21st, 2019: New Wave Party VI avec Laisse-Moi (Paris), A.D. Mana (Berlin), Sky (Varsovie) + The Bakounines (Paris), L’INTERNATIONAL, Paris

April 26th, 2019Laisse-Moi @1999, Paris + Marie Klock + Fleur Offwood

July 11 2018: Schokoladen, Berlin + Birdcloud

April 4 2017: Grüner Salon, radio show – BBC World Arts Hour on Tour in Berlin

September 8 2016: 8mm Bar, Berlin + DJ Ran Huber

July 7 2016: amSTARt presents: BLUE SPOT EP Release Party at URBAN SPREE, Berlin

The day we’ve all been waiting for: Our EP « BLUE SPOT » is finally going to be released! Party with us and our friends Stephen Paul Taylor (live), André Pahl (DJ) and Ondula (DJ).

Laisse-Moi EP Release

Four synthpop songs infused with the blood of a beating Berlin heart, the nightlife and the love life of three women who decided, one day, to make music with what they found on their way: an old drum machine, a bass gathering dust, a small synth bought on the internet. As it went on, playing around became a serious game. The “Blue Spot” EP is a triangle love story of do-it-yourself with Berlin high energy and French refinement. The Blue Spot EP was produced and recorded by Andrew Fox and Gerrit Haasler at Blackstone Studios Berlin.

June 25 2016: 48h Neukölln – Musikschiff « Hungry Beats », Berlin

June 16 2016: Thursday Synth Fever: La Chatte, Rancune, Laisse-Moi, Volcan, ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin

April 14 2016: Loophole, Berlin

April 1 2016: Flittchenbar im Südblock, Berlin

February 5 2016: Culture Container, Berlin

October 17 2015: Madame Claude, Berlin